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The Seaford Community Committee aims to improve communication and create a stronger community in Seaford.
If there is anything the SCC can do to assist you, please let us know and we'll try to help.
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To actively and equitably represent all Seaford stakeholders in achieving the Neighbourhood Character, values and ambitions of the community for the Seaford area as identified in the 2012 and later Local Area Plans (LAP), derived from community workshops and through ongoing community consultation,
such as our Community Survey

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"Hot Items"
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Kananook Creek Reserve - February/March 2018: Green Army work along the length of the Creek’s walking track

Level Crossing Removals - Frankston Railway Line

January 2018: LXRA Announcement:
Investigation works prior to removal of the Seaford Road level crossing will begin from Monday 22 January 2018 (between 7am and 5pm weekdays, intermittently across a two week period), with construction commencing early 2018

Closures, elevated rail, bridges and trenches have been announced for level crossings on the Frankston line by the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA).

  • Seaford Road - Bridge - 6.5m elevated rail on an embankment with a 1.5m lowered road - with trains, wires and gantries, etc. above that 6.5m
  • Eel Race Road - CLOSURE
  • Carrum - Elevated Rail, second bridge over Patterson River, proposed relocation of the stabling yards for trains & carriages from Carrum to Kananook
  • Overton Rd, Frankston - Elevated Rail - FASTtracked - from the LXRA website: "We will announce our preferred builder in May 2017, with construction starting well ahead of schedule before the end of the year. We are aiming to complete the level crossing removal by 2018"

You should acquaint yourself with the designs, their effects on you, your family and your property ..... and have your say - click on the above link.

The link above includes not only information about the crossing removals, but also links to community groups who have been diligently:

  • developing engineering and other documents
  • liaising with MPs and Councillors along the Frankston line
  • collecting petition signatures and presenting them to the Victorian Parliament
  • collating information for you
  • offering suggestions


The Victorian State Govt specified 11 Level Crossings for removal on the Frankston Railway Line - 3 have been removed by placing the rail line under roads (trench). They are Ormond, Bentleigh and McKinnon.

You can still signup for email updates from the LXRA.

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Mordialloc Bypass - extension of the Mornington Peninsula Freeway
Anyone who travels North from Frankston should be interested in the future of this project

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Community Meals in and around Frankston - for those "doing it tough"

Attend if you're having difficulties
THANK YOU to the volunteers and providers
Contact us or the providers if you would like to get involved

The Victorian State Govt and Frankston City Council (FCC) have withdrawn their funding of our Wednesday night meals.

Other options are being investigated - perhaps there is still a rabbit hiding in a hat.

Diners - and volunteers - have made it very clear that they would like to see these meals continue.

We've been asked if anyone can help:
- a word in the ear of MPs, Councillors, charities and churches would be useful
- please click on the above link

More on Homelessness - Assistance, Resources & information

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Sleepless in Seaford: Report

Over the past few years, members of the Seaford Housing Action Coalition (SHAC) have been concerned to learn of people sleeping rough, including in their cars, in the Seaford area and the difficulties and dangers they face.

In response, they have tried to find out more about this problem and possible solutions. The result is the report called: 'Sleepless in Seaford'.

They would now appreciate receiving your thoughts on the report, in particular regarding possible responses to the problem.

A 1-page and 3-page Executive Summary have been prepared and are downloadable at the above link.

City Life update

Interim meal services, thanks to volunteers, FCC and State Govt funding will continue until viable alternatives are in place - refer Community Meals in and around Frankston

Previous Hot Items
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